​Gruppo Halal Foods is a wholly owned & operated by our parent company Gruppo Resources International Ltd which was established in Hongkong in 1993.

Since then, we  also set-up our operations in  Australia from 2008 supplying Halal Meat products and Vegetable produce. 

We ship most of our vegetables from China and Australia such as:
        *Fresh Garlic
        *Fresh Ginger
        *French Carrots
        *French Onion (Yellow, Red and White)
        *Fresh Potato

        *Frozen French Fries
        *Fresh Taro

​        *Fresh Brococoli

We supply halal Frozen meats from Australia

such as:

          *Halal Lamb

          *Halal Mutton

          *Halal Beef

          *Halal Camel Meat

          *Halal Frozen Meat Pieces

          *Frozen Seafood

In 2013 , we joined force with the largest privately owned refrigeration transport company in Queensland, Australia. The cold storage facility is located in Gold Coast, Queensland. 

You are welcome to visit us.​