These traditional recipes harness the desirable tang from fresh Fruits we all know and love, along with, sugar to enhance the pungent flavour of handmade fruit jam. Just feel the succulent fruit, bursting with flavour in your mouth, filling it with satisfaction.

Delicious Jam stored in Jars

Mixed with sugar

Now, it is available using the same traditional recipe without using any chemical preservatives, just the natural flavour we all crave.
We supply following pure flavours:
Plum, Apricot, Raspberry and Blackberry

A healthy and enjoyable way of living with fresh, pure ingredients.

Cooking and constantly stirring the sweet strawberry mixture

Strawberries sliced into pieces

Remember when Grandma used to make that unique, distinct, fresh jam, constantly stirring for hours and hours, mixing fresh fruits, which we use in our toast, cakes, scones, ice cream, etc