Also known as Turkish Donut is a sweet made of batter (flour, butter, water, egg and salt) that is deep fried until crispy and golden. While still hot, syrup is then drizzled upon it. to give it a sweet taste. Tulumba is then eaten when cold.

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types of baklava


Batter that is kneaded into a round shape and an almond or hazelnut is then pressed into the middle. While hot, cool lemon syrup is poured upon it allowing the Şekerpare to absorb all the syrup. 2-3 days is waited in room temperature to make it cool and tender.


A sweet made of layers of pastry filled with a variety of nuts which include pistachios, cashews, etc. Honey or syrup is drizzled between each layer to keep it together and gives the baklava a rich, sweet taste.

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